I am getting an error saying wrong user or password

Please confirm that you have selected the correct club in the service provider portal main page.



      When I run a report I am getting an error about the maximum number of days.

Each report has a configurable maximum number of days that it can run for so we dont add too much load on the system doing a report for too large of a range.



      When creating a service ticket we can not see all of our service items.

This is configurable per station in admin by the club. Please contact the club to confirm that this is setup correctly.


      I got an error session expired.

Please close your browser and open a new one to log in again.


      When I login I do not see my calls or I dont see calls in status SP

This is configurable by the club. There is a parameter called REMOTE_FAC_SEE_SP and a lookup called REMOTE_FAC_SEE_SP. The lookup has a list of facilities that are not allowed to see a Spotted call.


      The PP Role is missing from my admin employee screen.

Did you create your own PP? That does not work. Please contact club support.



      I am getting an access denied my user has the PP Module.

A User is required to have the dispatch module, the access controls for dispatch in the PP module do not have to be allowed.